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The elevators are one of the most frequently used public areas of a building.   A Touch-To-Go elevator touchscreen system allows you to effectively communicate your building's leading-edge style, image and identity to tenants and visitors.

The appearance and layout of the touchscreen’s graphics can reflect your corporate logo and branding and it can let you extend design elements from other parts of the property into the elevator itself.


Public Facilities




For public access applications such as airports and hospitals, the use of familiar icons, large virtual button areas, and high-contrast large print makes the system more informative and intuitive than traditional buttons. The smooth glass surface of the touchscreens is easy to clean and disinfect. 

Location-specific maps and multilingual text can help users reach their destination with ease. Time spent riding the elevator can be used by passengers to orient themselves and determine where to go when they exit the elevator.

Museums can make use of the touchscreens to promote current and upcoming exhibits; touchscreen content can be scheduled to change automatically as new exhibits are rolled out.

Commercial Properties



For commercial properties, tenant names and logos can be displayed next to the corresponding floor numbers. The names and logos can also act as virtual buttons, so a call can be placed simply by touching the tenant name or logo (or, of course, the floor number).

Providing tenant names and descriptions can provide assurance to visitors that they are headed to the correct floor, while also promoting the corporate identity of each tenant

As tenants move in or out, the touchscreen graphics can easily be updated to reflect any necessary changes.


Condominiums & Hotels


The Touch-To-Go elevator touchscreen system redefines the elevator experience and makes your property a place that people remember.  Getting people talking about your building and elevators will increase the profile of your business, and help to attract and retain tenants / guests by reinforcing your image as a modern, leading-edge property.

Special features of the building, such as fitness centers, spas, meeting rooms, and restaurants, can be highlighted on the touchscreen to make passengers aware of their location. These items can be scheduled to appear at specific times of the day - for example, the pool/spa can be set to appear only during hours when it is open.