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The touch screen is tough and durable.  Constructed from tempered or strengthened glass, it can withstand the force of a 1 pound steel ball dropped from 4 feet.  It is resistant to standard cleaning chemicals that do not affect glass, such as alcohol, vinegar, ammonia-based cleaners, and acetone.  There are no known wear-out mechanisms; the touch screen technology has been operationally verified to still function after over 50 million touches in one location. 

The seamless smooth glass surface is easier to clean and less likely to trap contaminants than traditional mechanical buttons.

In the event that a touch screen is damaged, a secondary touch screen in the elevator (if present) will still function.  In the event that all touch screens are out of service, the keypad or conventional buttons can still be used to place calls.  This double redundancy ensures that your elevators remain operational in the event of an unexpected problem.

As with any product, it is not impervious to deliberate sustained attempts at damage.  This product is not recommended for extremely vandalism-prone locations or for high-impact locations such as freight elevators.

Our durability demonstration video (below) illustrates the rugged durability of our elevator touchscreen systems. In the video, regulation-weight billiard balls are dropped on to a working touchscreen from a height of 4 feet. The touchscreen continues to operate and is not damaged in any way, even after repeated impacts.

Click the play button at the bottom of the movie to begin (Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video)..