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The information below gives a brief overview of the sizes of the components in our elevator touchscreen systems. Additional detail can be found in the Touch-To-Go Panel Preparation Guide located on our downloads page.


Our touchscreens are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit most elevators. The most popular sizes are shown below; please inquire if you require a different size.

cpu panel

Our compact CPU panel contains a robust solid state industrial CPU and all power supplies, peripheral components, wires, and cables required for system operation. We preassemble and test this component prior to shipment, so on-site labor is greatly reduced - just fasten the panel on 4 studs, plug in the cables, and it is ready to operate. It occupies less than 0.3ft³ inside an elevator car operating panel. Note that a minimum width of 11.75" and a minimum depth of 3.25" are required.

For more information on component sizes and placement, please download the Touch-To-Go Panel Preparation Guide from our downloads page. This document contains all of the information you will need in order to design an elevator panel/fixture that holds a Touch-To-Go elevator touchscreen system.