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Bring excitement to your elevators with vibrant, dynamic touchscreen graphics. Customized graphics, created specifically for your elevators, are the key to a successful elevator touchscreen system implementation, and our touchscreen graphics can showcase the building's style and image while simultaneously helping passengers reach their destination.

Icons, maps and logos can aid passengers in selecting the intended floor.  The flexible graphics can be used to build and reinforce property and tenant branding.  The use of familiar icons, large virtual button areas and high contrast print makes the system more informative and intuitive than traditional buttons for greater accessibility and ease of use.

As trends and styles change, the image presented by your elevators can remain fresh through the introduction of new theme designs. The flexible and modular design of the system allows it to adapt as your needs change. Because the user interface is completely controlled by software, changes are inexpensive and easy to make. The appearance can be completely altered simply by loading new graphics, without even opening the elevator panel.

Touch-To-Go elevator touchscreen systems support two types of graphics: standard themes and advanced themes.

Standard themes are simple to create and administer. They support:

  • Rich, full-color graphics (16.77 million colors)
  • Up to 100 design elements (buttons, indicators, or static images)
    • Buttons (areas of the screen that respond to touch)
    • Indicators (areas of the screen that change state but do not respond to touch)
    • Static images
  • Transitions to alternate themes (e.g. pressing a button can switch to a map or an alternate language)
  • Design and modification of standard themes is straightforward and can be done by Touch-To-Go, by you, or by a third party of your choice

Advanced themes incorporate animation and dynamic content. They support additional programming to create a richer, more engaging experience. For example:

  • The transition when a button turns on or off can be animated
  • The user's touch location can be highlighted, providing confirmation that the system recognized their request
  • Actions can take place based on specific events and timing, such as displaying additional information once the elevator reaches a certain floor
  • Additional visual effects and media content are possible

Touch-To-Go hardware natively supports both types of themes; aside from content development, there is no additional cost associated with fully-animated advanced themes.


Below is a sample of a single button from the screen shown at the left.

Click on the sample button below to simulate operation of the touchscreen.

When you touch either the button or the map, a call request is placed for that floor of the building. When the elevator arrives at the floor, the button turns off and the elevator icon on the map flashes to let you see your location.

Click on the additional working examples below. The examples will open in a new browser window.

Hotel Commercial Offices


graphic design

In most cases, systems are supplied with an initial set of customized graphics. Additional touchscreen themes can be prepared in a number of ways:
By Us   By You   By a third party of your choice

We can gather your requirements, ideas, and concepts, and develop a solution that meets your needs. Several graphic design packages are offered depending on the amount of input you would like to have in the process.

We can prepare both standard themes and advanced themes. Advanced themes incorporate animation for a rich and engaging user experience.


If your organization has in-house graphic design staff and you anticipate frequent changes to the graphics, it may make sense to prepare the graphics internally. This cost-conscious solution gives you full control over the appearance of your touchscreens and the ability to make updates at your convenience.

Our Theme Creator software package allows you to define the behavior of the graphics and convert the files into a format that can be loaded into your elevators.

Or, you can forward your completed design to us for conversion to an animated advanced theme.


If you are already working with a design firm on other parts of your project, we can supply the information they will need in order to prepare the touchscreen graphics for you.

Your design firm can use our Theme Creator software package to define the behavior of the graphics and convert the files into a format that can be loaded into the elevator, or they can submit their design to us and we can handle the final conversion and programming steps.


theme creator software

Our theme creator software package allows you to convert your own graphics into a format that can be used to control your elevators.

Use this software package to define button and indicator areas and control what happens when a passenger interacts with the touchscreen. You can also test the operation of the graphics to confirm that they will appear as expected.

The Theme Creator software package also allows you to create and edit schedules for your touchscreen themes, giving you the ability to have the graphics automatically change at predetermined dates and times.

We recommend the use of Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for preparation of your designs. The Theme Creator software produces standard themes only (advanced themes cannot be defined using this software).

This software package runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. An internet connection is required in order to install and use the Theme Creator software.


The appearance of the elevator buttons is no longer fixed - it can be changed on demand or automatically through an infinite number of scheduled changes. Special events and holidays can be given unique themes to add interest and excitement to the elevator ride.

Our built-in scheduling system shows a calendar view through which you can assign and view future theme changes.

Schedules can be updated within the elevator, or prepared in advance using the Theme Creator software package and loaded into the elevator through the service port.


The touchscreen can be an effective means of promoting building features or services, however we strongly discourage the concept of adding general third-party advertising to the touchscreen graphics for two reasons:

  • It is important for passengers to be able to instantly understand what the touchscreen is for and how they should interact with it. The addition of eye-catching advertising can distract and confuse some users and result in difficulty/frustration in using the system and reaching their destination.
  • One of the key features of the system is its ability to promote the branding, image, and identity of your building. Third-party advertisements / media can compromise your ability to achieve this goal. If you require a separate in-elevator entertainment / advertising system, your elevator supplier will be able to provide you with the contact information for companies that specialize in this type of product. We do not supply or deliver news, weather, or other media or similar content.